Our Story

In Beijing dialect, "JUQI" describes someone who embodies righteousness, straightforwardness, and loyalty to their friends.

“JUQI” is dedicated to serving the most authentic Beijing cuisine. We firmly believe that Beijing cuisine's foundation aligns with the traditional culture of old Beijing, and catering services serve as expressions of culture.

From Hutong Culture to nostalgic items, every object, scene, meal, and story aims to provide guests with the most authentic "dining experience of Beijing traditional culture," a pursuit we tirelessly continue. Therefore, JUQI quickly became beloved by consumers upon its launch, now standing as a representative brand of Traditional Beijing cuisine and a must-visit destination for tourists in Beijing.

Every aspect of JUQI, from its Hutong Culture to nostalgic artifacts, endeavors to offer guests an authentic "dining experience of Beijing's traditional culture," a pursuit we passionately pursue. Therefore, JUQI swiftly gained popularity among consumers upon its launch, now standing as a quintessential brand of traditional Beijing cuisine and a must-visit destination for tourists in Beijing.

In 2022, JUQI expanded internationally, making strides into the United States. We introduced the renowned "Beijing Museum" to America, enabling "瓷Ci" (Beijing dialect for friends) in North America to firsthand experience the culture of old Beijing, from the ancient city walls in the lobby to the Hutong and traditional Beijing snacks, authentically capturing the essence unique to old Beijing.

Beyond inheriting the authentic dishes and unique charm of old Beijing, JUQI combines traditional culture to create many patented dishes. By incorporating the old Beijing hutong culture exhibition into the restaurant, we've adeptly fused authentic Beijing cuisine with traditional culture, creating a distinctive "old Beijing" cultural identity. Signature dishes include Roast Duck, Prince's Roast Lamb, Mr. Zheng's Lion's Head Meatballs, Lu Zhu Huo Shao, Emperor Qianlong's Cabbage, JUQI Fried Rice, Kung Pao Chicken, Immortal Peach Almond Tofu, and Little Hanging Pear Soup.

From traditional Beijing flavors to past imperial delicacies, from traditional fine dishes to Beijing-style home cooking, from the architectural philosophy of Beijing's courtyard houses to the unique "plaything culture" of old Beijing, we've moved the old Beijing hutong culture exhibition hall into JUQI's American restaurant. This creates a unique three-dimensional memory for JUQI, allowing guests to participate in, experience, and feel the traditional Beijing culture, making Chinese Americans feel the taste of their hometown.