About us

Juqi Roast Duck adheres to the principle of "inheriting without following the old blindly, innovating without abandoning the old" for its craftsmanship. It insists on traditional handcraftsmanship, upholds ancient methods, and is dedicated to making traditional hung oven roast duck. At Juqi, the ducks are roasted at a furnace temperature of 240 degrees for about 70 minutes, during which the collagen in the duck skin is fully hydrolyzed, achieving a crispy and less oily effect.

Within the golden 2 minutes after roasting, Juqi's duck-slicing masters will perform their skills in front of the diners. The first dish is duck skin with bread and caviar. This is a marvelous part of the roast duck, pairing the crispy, fragrant duck skin with bread and caviar. The duck skin is crispy and rich in fat, sweet, and moist, creating an explosive taste sensation with the crispy, hard-baked bread and the slightly salty caviar. This combination offers a unique and rich taste experience, with a mellow, sweet, and novel texture. The second dish includes both skin and meat, offering tender and juicy duck meat paired with shredded green onions, cucumber slices, and sweet bean sauce, all rolled in a lotus leaf pancake, unlocking the classic Beijing roast duck eating method. The rich, fatty aroma of the roast duck, the sweet fragrance of the bean sauce, the spicy hint of the green onions, and the freshness of the cucumber truly make for an endless aftertaste.

Juqi also restores the traditional roast duck "dotting the duck embryo" step. When customers dine at Juqi, they can inscribe words on the chosen duck before roasting, and the inscriptions will be clearly visible on the roasted duck skin—Juqi's Wenfang roast duck not only continues the tradition but is also endowed with blessings and commemorative significance.